Winter Uplift - Paying a little more in your first winter

If you Join us between September and March then we add a winter uplift to your first payments to ensure you do not fall into arrears over your first winter.

Almost everybody uses more gas in the winter because its dark, cold and we have the heating on more. Because we average your payments out over the year, you should build up a buffer of credit in the Summer which will then subsidise your usage in the winter.

Customers who join us between September and March don't have a chance to build up this buffer, though. 
so if you join us during this period we increase your monthly payments by 20% for your first winter to stop you falling into arrears.

Your energy prices remains the same
The price you pay for every unit of gas and electricity remains exactly the same and it will not cost you any more to heat your home or turn your lights on than if you joined in spring and your payments were lower. 

Only during your first winter
We will review your payments again in the spring and assuming your usage is not higher than we expected your payments will be lowered again as you will have chance to build credit up during the Summer again.

If you don't want higher payments...
If you think that you really won't use more energy during winter for example if you only use energy to cook with and not heat your house then just let us know. We are humans and always overrule the computer with common sense when necessary.