When will my first Direct Debit be taken?

Your first Direct Debit will be taken on the first day you are supplied by us or as near to this date as possible. We will detail when your first payment will be taken and the amount in your welcome pack. 

Typically it takes 21 days between signing up and your supply starting, for example:

  • You sign up on the 1st
  • Your supply would start on the 22nd
  • Your first Direct Debit would be taken on the 22nd

Your next direct debit will be taken either on the same day the following month or if you chose your preferred date it would be taken on the next date you chose. If the two dates are too close together (e.g. 10 days) we'll skip a payment to make sure you don't pay us twice in that period but if the gap is slightly more than 10 days it can mean that you make two payments relatively near each other before the payment comes out on your chosen date every month.