What is a fixed tariff?

If you are on a fixed tariff then your gas charges will not change for the length of your fixed period (usually 12 months). This gives you the peace of mind to know that no matter what happens to wholesale gas prices, what you pay for your gas will not change. It also gives us the commitment we need to purchase your gas upfront and make sure you get the most competitive price possible!

You can switch your fixed tariff for any other tariff we offer or switch to another supplier and we will not charge you an exit fee if there are less than 49 days left of your contract. If there are more than 49 days then we may charge you an exit fee so be sure to check your tariff information and take this fee into account when comparing tariffs. We will tell you in every energy statement what savings you can make by switching to a cheaper tariff with us and the exit fee you may be charged so you will always know if it is a good idea to switch or stay put.