Moving in

Firstly, we hope your move went smoothly and you’re settling into your new home! 

Typically when you move into a new home there is nothing you need to do to get the gas or electricity supply to work so you can turn the heating  and lights on straight away.

By taking responsibility for the property you will be "deemed" to be in contract with whichever gas and electricity supplier is already supplying the property and be legally obligated to pay for the gas you use. Regardless of what the previous occupier was paying for their gas you will probably be moved to the suppliers standard variable tariff which can be expensive so you should aim to agree a new tariff with that supplier or switch to another supplier as soon as possible.

Finding out your current supplier

If you don't know the current supplier of your new home, you can find this out by:

  • Checking statements or letters that come through the letterbox.
  • Asking the previous owner (or your landlord)
  • Contacting the estate agents who sold to you
  • Or by checking your legal pack.

If none of these help, you can call the  Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524 or email us and we can check a national database and let you know.

If you are supplied by us

If your new home is already supplied by us we will need to update our records with your details and setup a direct debit payment for you. We will also be able to offer alternative tariffs to you that may be cheaper than the standard variable tariff you are currently "deemed" to have entered into.

You can contact us using any of the methods in the contact page

We will need the following information:

  • Your move in date
  • A meter reading from that date (or as near as possible)
  • Your full name 
  • Your date of birth
  • Your new address and postcode
  • If you are renting, the landlords details.
  • Current phone number and email address for us to contact you

If you are supplied by someone else

If your new home is supplied by another supplier but you want to have Entice Energy as your gas and electricity supplier you just need to go to our website and get a quote for your new home and then you can begin the process of switching to entice energy.