Can I get a refund?

We try and match your energy usage to your payments and ensure you build up just enough credit over the summer to stop you falling into debt in the winter when your monthly gas spend is almost always more than your monthly payment.

However, sometimes you may build up more credit than you need and its only right this is returned to you when you want it. Our standard refund policy is stated below, but we will take a common sense approach to the situation and try to accommodate your wishes whenever possible.

Refund Policy

  • Be a minimum of £50
  • Leave a minimum of 2 months’ worth of credit in your credit account balance.
  • Be based on an actual meter read
  • For large refunds of £250 or more we may request a photo of the meter.

It is always worth trying to keep a healthy credit balance on your account to prevent any nasty surprises when the winter bites but if you would like a refund then please contact us and we will happily process it and aim to have it cleared in your account within 3 days (but often the same day!).