How often should I submit a meter read?

If you want to always be billed for the gas you've actually used then you should submit a meter read at the end of every month. We send you a reminder just before we generate an energy statement to prompt you to submit a read. 

However we understand that sometimes this just isn't possible so don’t worry we’ll estimate the meter read and use this in your statement until you get round to giving us an actual read.

Typically its a good idea to submit 1 read at least every 2-3 months as the longer we bill you based on estimated reads, the more likely you are to be in for a nasty surprise later down the line.

You don’t need to mark the calendar to remind you, we will send you reminders when we need a read but if we don’t receive a valid read within a 6 month period we may have to send an agent to your house to take a read for you and we may charge you for this visit.

If you are having difficulties locating or reading your meter then you can find more help in our help section or you can contact us and we'll gladly help you.