Opening Reads

The opening meter read is the most important read you ever give us and the only thing you really need to do during the switching process. Don’t worry we will send you an email reminder when we need this.

This read is used by us to open your account but it’s also sent to your old supplier to close your account and calculate your final bill. Ideally we ask for a read on the day your gas supply starts with Entice Energy but we can accept a read 2 days before your supply start date and up to 7 days after.

If you don’t give us an opening read, then your opening and closing reads will be estimated by the gas transporter (not us!). Usually this will be fine but on occasion these estimates may be higher or lower than your actual meter read and could mean having to pay a bigger than expected bill from your old supplier or us! Whilst we can dispute opening reads it is not straight forward and can take a long time to resolve so it’s much easier to submit an opening read and start off on the right foot.