What is a Direct Debit review?

We do regular reviews on your direct debit payment to make sure it is set appropriately. When we do a review we look at the following things: 

  • Your Account Balance
  • Your Estimated Consumption; This is based on information you’ve given us; information from the industry and your recent consumption history
  • Your current tariff price and any scheduled changes to your tariff price; e.g. expiry of a fixed tariff.

Based on these factors we calculate the appropriate direct debit payment to ensure that your payments will meet your estimated annual spend over the next year and also that you will not fall into debt during the winter when most people use a lot more gas than their fixed monthly payment covers.

We conduct the first review after you have been with us for just 2 months; this is because your starting Direct Debit is based on estimated consumption given by you during registration and is often little more than a guess. By 2 months we will have up to date information on your consumption history from your old supplier and the industry and can check that your payment is set appropriately for your consumption.

We then conduct a review of your payment every 6 months or if there are any significant changes to your account such a as large refund or one off payment for example.